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Mr. Clown
When planning your next party or children’s event, consider the entertainment of Mr. Clown! He brings a bouquet of balloons attached to a tasty candy treat and entertains by twisting balloon animals, does face painting & will sing an appropriate song! Pricing is per hour.
Stilla Gorilla
He delivers a “Gorilla-gram” that’s inside of a 2′ foam banana! The recipient also receives a bouquet of balloons attached to a fresh bunch of bananas! He makes you say “BA-NA-A-NA” before you get your message!!!
Pricing is per visit.
The Classic Chicken
He sings 3 songs, clucks, plucks and delivers your balloons attached to a bag of birdseed. Your message comes inside a hollow plastic egg! You’ve got to cackle like a chicken before you read your message!
Price is per visit.
Grim Reaper
His visit includes all black balloons attached to a can of Prune Juice and he delivers a humorous eulogy to the persons’ youth. Lots of built in laughs and MORE of an upper than a downer!!!
Pricing is per visit
Easter Bunny
Attends EGG HUNTS, brings jellybeans & will pose for PHOTOS! Only available during the EASTER HOLIDAYS. He makes home visits too!!!
Pricing is per hour

Extra mileage charges may apply.

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